Pop-Up target unit is designed on “Pneumatic Technology” with the support of electro-mechanical engineering. This system can suddenly Pop-Up on Enemy & down to Home position within 2 seconds. The unit is Semi water proof, easily portable & can place in store. This unit can work in temperature 5 degree to 55 degree centigrade. Low power consumption (5v AC) only.

  • Pop-Up Target System works in “WIRELESS MODE”, it’s Signals fastly access the targets.
  • Target working in the mode of binary commands.
  • Each target unit is controlled through Micro-Controller.
  • Easily re-assembling, if relocation occur.
  • Running spares easily available and replaceable.
  • High-Tech hit sensing technology of Bullet, & accurate results show in software.
  • No malfunctioning.
  • Whenever bullet hits on target, it will come to down (home) position automatically.