No need of wire between control panel and the trolley. Based on complete wireless communication with the NTS software. Moving horizontally in complete track round in user define steps. In new version, the Trolley can also turning the target with moving. When bullet hit the sheet then target turn to the Home position and again forward to the enemy position. It help to firer to Judge the enemy moving position and get the scoring result in software.

  • Communication with Wireless Mode through software or remote Control.
  • Easy trouble-shooting
  • Portable car with light weight.
  • Design with Turning target Functionality with moving.
  • When bullet hit the target, it goes down to Home position and suddenly turn with different place.
  • When trolley reach to parking position, the target goes home position
  • Need 220 AC.
  • Target Turn 180o on its own radius.
  • User friendly operational trolley system.
  • Complete metal Body with semi-Water proof. Having separate motor of turning and moving of trolley.
  • Using Rope wire for accurate movement.
  • Auto detect start and end position.
  • Smooth movement on track.