Supervisory control & data acquisition normally runs on a pc & communicates with external instrumentation & control devices. It may be used on remote data acquisition system where data can be viewed & record in database. This control system consists of one or more remote terminal units connected to variety of sensors & actuators, & information to the master station.


  • Supervisory Control with intelligent software.
  • Can Acquire live Data from field firing range.
  • Can operate manually & automatically.
  • Training exercises can be defined in software easily.
  • Each targeted scoring shot will be stored in software.
  • Summarize result of each platoon can be seen.
  • Data Base can also be maintained.
  • Records & Data can be printed easily.
  • Single or multiple Targets (as a group) can be operated easily.
  • Fully secured data, no one can change the in results.
  • Simple graphical user interface.
  • Can change and see target positions on Real Time e.g. (Home, Friend, Enemy) through software.
  • Nippon software compatible for win XP SP3, Win 7/8.