Our Exposing Foe target system is designed for practice, training and competition shooting. This target is hide from firers and suddenly up in second or user define time. This system making the dodge to the firers by randomly Up & create live scenario of shooting. The Target sheet size is standard according to the ISSF. Target is light weight and easily dissembled and assembled for storage and transportation.

  • Complete Wireless Communication based through software command and remote controlled.
  • Rated for all handguns and rifles up to 300-350 bullets.
  • Include our Hit-Sensing technology.
  • Target goes down position when shot and show the result in software.
  • Design for commercial ranges, professional shooters and military training.
  • It based on two standard target sheet size (18”x38”) and (14”x28”).
  • Easily replaceable target parts. Portable, lightweight, design with ergonomic side carry handle.
  • Low maintenance, No motor, No battery required.
  • Pneumatic Air based with accurate target position and movement.