Our Exposing Foe target system is designed for practice, training and competition shooting. This target is hide from firers and suddenly up in second or user define time. This system making the dodge to the firers by randomly Up & create live scenario of shooting. The Target sheet size is standard according to the ISSF. Target is light weight and easily dissembled and assembled for storage and transportation.

  • Based on Wireless Communication command.
  • Unique BI-DIRECTIONAL target configuration built into a high speed pop up target mechanism.
  • With BI-DIRECTIONAL target motion, TWO target images (“Enemy – Friend”) can be presented during a SINGLE target exposure.
  • Housed in a rugged, compact, very low profile, semi-waterproof cast aluminum enclosure.
  • Portable; each target weighs less than 30Kg.
  • “Plug in and play” design for quick set-ups, relocations, and existing in-field expansions.
  • Need 220 AC and based on Pneumatic Pressure.
  • This target system also operates by Training Module Wise.
  • Environmentally friendly; UV resistant; operating temperature range: -5° C to 50° C.
  • Built in electronic hit counting system. Built in pressure vent for humidity control.
  • High speed operation. Time to raise, twist & face in full vertical position .3 seconds. Time to rotate 90° in 1 seconds.
  • Two individual cylinder for individual working. Stack-able.
  • Ideal for LIVE FIRE tactical training in convoy protection, jungle walks, and building clearing exercises.