Nippon Challenge Target System based on Wireless Communication modules with the challenging hit exercises that creates incredible, lifelike movements of target sheets, use the system to simulate hostage situation, run active shooter skills, create shoot/no shoot scenario’s, use module wise.

  • Simple integration.
  • Challenge target totally communicated with wireless software Commands.
  • No Battery, No motor are required.
  • Based on pneumatic pressure and operate in 220V AC.
  • Movement is generated randomly according to user define provided steps.
  • Package includes two tactical target sheets, one is enemy and one is friend.
  • Semi-Water proof Design. This system is portable.
  • Attractive design allow target sheet to be changed quickly with normal tools.
  • Invaluable training tool for SWAT entry, hostage rescue, tactical fire and active shooter training.
  • Need Low maintenance with minimum cost.