Pop Up Target

Firing Practice
Stress Course Fire
Mock Up Village
Close Quarter Battle

Turning Target

Short/Long Range Practice
Close Quarter Battle
Situation Oriented Training
Multiple Turning Target

Intelligent Software

Hostage Situation
Area Clearance
Anti – Terrorist
Battle Field

Pneumatice Target

Super Responsive System
HQ Air Compressor
Super Responsive System
HQ Air Compressor

Welcome to Nippon International

Nippon International has been fulfilling the needs of local market concentrating over the modern International trends to achieve goals in industrialization progress & development along with integrity & professionalism.

NIPPON TARGET SYSTEM, developed by Nippon International, is to help our soldiers in enhancing their sharp shooting skills, sharpen their reflex action, improve their neuro-muscular coordination & enhance their logical self judgement while identifying the threats

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Sports Shooting Target System

Nippon International is proud to introduce its latest product, Sports Shooting, in which clay targets are tossed into the air at the speeds and angles intended to simulate the flight of birds.
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Proud to serve all Arm Forces